Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - Who Needs Choir Anyway?

In the past we have talked about the great good that singing in a choir does for the body, mind and soul.   In fact, being in a choir can be like taking a tonic or medicine making it all better.

The self confidence and discipline learned in choir often helps people in later life.  ChoralNet has had a very cool series about people who are famous and have been in choirs.  I think if we all tried we could find many in our communities to whom that applies.

The Mayor of our town of Ingersoll, Ted Comiskey, is a very talented musician who sings alone and in groups.  In fact, before politics, he created our Canterbury Folk Festival, a free summer music fest that has featured people such as Ashley McIsaac.  His music has affected an entire town, county and thousands of individuals.

We have a choir of adult volunteers.  What earthly good is a choir to them?  Will they become astronauts like Chris Hadfield?  Maybe not but they will change the world in many ways.
 ETS Singing at Knox Church.  

1. Social - The choir practices are a great time to interact with others.  It certainly takes my mind off the mundane and lets me enjoy others on a personal and professional level different from everyday. I have met people who would not have entered my life but for our ETS.   The other big bonus is that our choir members are great cooks.  At our annual kick-off practice in August the pot luck is amazing.  People and music, food and fun.  Oh yeah.

2. Learning - Because we are doing new music all the time, we are constantly learning.  We learn new terms, new styles and lots of new words.  I remember that when I taught in schools, we would learn a word like "legato" and I would tell the students to go home and brag that they now spoke 3 languages, English, French and Italian.  Well, I say the same to the adults.  Why not?  They learned it

3. Change - We can get stuck in our everyday lives.  We can listen to the same music, go to the same restaurants, and remain in the same place day after day. Choir can change that.  We go to different places to practice and to perform.  We sing various genres of music.  We sing various arrangements.  Nothing is mundane.

4.  Example - We can set an example for others by continuing to be active in our communities and with our music.  It is great for community members, children, grandkids, - the world, to see that we keep singing and love it.  No, I believe we are NEVER too old.
Singing for fun at the Embro Fair.  Check out the bikini.  

5.  Fun - Yup.  We laugh, we cry, we chat and we have fun.  We have fun learning and don't get too serious about the process.  We laugh at our mistakes and rejoice in the victories.  It is serious music learned with heart!

Choir is just as important to those of us who aren't just starting out.  May it continue!

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