Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - Be Brave

If you haven't yet heard this wonderful song by Sara Bareilles, here is your chance.  Please listen closely to the words.  The video itself is really effective.  

We all need to be brave.  Too many times we can decide on an action just because we think we must.  It often takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to stand up for what we believe in when those around us may have a different opinion.  This can be very true of situations in a choir.

1.  Choosing Music - Some choirs have a certain genre they follow.  Others like ours have more eclectic choices.  In any case, we will sometimes stay with what is "safe".  Every once in a while, we really must choose something that stretches us or is just really different than what we are expected to sing.  So sometimes you might want to sing a Capella if you usually have accompaniment.  Take your sheet music away and learn by listening.  Or conversely, add sheet music if you don't usually use it.  Mix up the styles of music.  Be brave.

2. Sing with Others - Go ahead.  Call up one of the choirs around you and ask if you can practise with them one time.  Call up a local church and ask if you can sing a special service for them.  Call a service club and see they would enjoy your services for a special dinner.  Engage these groups in the songs and let them share your joy.  Then both you and they can be brave.

3.  Go Somewhere Fun - That may happen if you choose one of the above ideas.  You can also find cool places to practice.  Nursing or retirement homes are a great choice but what about a mall?  In warmer weather, choose a local park.  Why would we save our "carolling" just for Christmas.  Be brave and carol out of season.  

I am certain you have many more ideas for changing the ordinary with brave ideas.  Please share!

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