Saturday, September 18, 2010

Embro Fair Talent Contest

We could earn our first money!!  One of our tenors, Doug, is on the Embro Fair Board and asked if we would consider entering the Embro Fair Talent Contest.  Well, of course we would.
The theme is Down Home on the Farm so we chose a couple of fun songs to sing.  We have an SAB arrangement of Oh What a Beautiful Morning and an SATB arrangement of Grandma's Feather Bed.  Now this is a fun song to sing.  Check out the lyrics and you will see what we mean.
But wait - 'cause that is what we had to do before we could sing and look as cute as we are above.  Kristi, our accompanist, had a championship ball game to play and they were later than they expected to be.  We had to be put last on the list and our audience and organizers were ever so patient.  In ran Kristi in her ball uniform, sat at the piano and away we went.
And - WE WON!!  We got the $100 prize for first place.  Mind you we had all ready spent $15 to enter so we netted $85.  That went a long way to paying for the music we had all ready purchased.  Yahoo.  Way to go ETS.