Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - It is TOO COLD - Not to the Piano Guys or ETS

The Piano Guys create wonderfully creative videos.  You may remember that video in December  where they used lots of creative ways to present the music.
Here they are using a winter palace in which to perform.  They have voluntarily chose to perform in a very, very cold forbidding spot and have done a grand job.  Check out the behind the scenes video as well.

Well we are experiencing the coldest winter in more than 20 years here.  In England, they are experiencing huge storms and massive flooding in some areas.  Other places are having their areas as well.

This of course makes getting to concerts and practices more of a challenge.  We actually missed our practices in January due to nasty and dangerous snow storms.

So what can you do when you have these adverse conditions to overcome.  Here are a couple of ideas we used to survive and if this weather continues as predicted may use yet again.

1. FIND YOU-TUBE VIDEOS OF YOUR NEW MUSIC - Luckily we had distributed new music and then had no chance to begin practicing.  I found those arrangements done by a couple of choirs and sent out the links to the choir.  I asked them to listen and notice what each choir did differently and which they preferred.  That gave them an introduction to the pieces and we were able to interact in a limited way.

2. ENCOURAGE SMALL GROUP PRACTICE - It was possible for a few of the choir to gather and sing through some of the music.  This gave us a core of singers who had some knowledge of the music so once we did get together it wasn't completely foreign.

3. FALL BACK ON THE TRIED & TRUE - Pull out some well know nuggets and use them again.  This is a great way to remind them how good they truly are.  Not only that but it brings back great memories of past performances.

4. DON'T SWEAT IT - If you can't practise, then you can't.  It happens and oh well.  Enjoy the golden oldies and for goodness sake, have fun!

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