Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let It Snow. We Sang Anyway.

Service is our middle name.  No we don't fix cars but we sing in service to others.
Cambrocourt is a lovely seniors' apartment complex in Embro and we went over to sing some Christmas music for them.
Now let me tell you that this winter so far has had more than its share of snow even though by the calendar it isn't even winter yet.  So here we are, 16 days before winter and off to make music to bring some Christmas cheer.  The flakes (snow that is) were coming down but didn't look too dangerous as we parked at residence.  However, as we sang, the picture outside the windows got very white and thick.
We sang our few known songs and then did a Christmas sing along, but quick glances to the windows showed that the snow was ever heavier.
Although there was some lovely cider and cookies to be had, those of us who had to drive opted to get out to our cars.  Everyone helped get each car on the road because as soon as you had one part cleared it filled in again.  It was at least a 2 person job.
We all got home safely and hope we get asked back next year.  We will be checking the weather forecasts carefully if we do.