Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tonal Tuesday - Let a Smile be Your Umbrella?

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Here in Southwestern Ontario it is snowing and blowing as I write.  An umbrella would be of no use whatsoever.  But it is a great day for singing and listening to your favourite music.

Have you ever listened to the radio or a phone message and you absolutely know that the person speaking is smiling.  You really can hear it.  Sometimes, when we are singing, though, we forget to let our happy feelings move up to our faces.  

"When singing, use facial expressions that add dynamics and sing with confidence. Remember that your camera is the ‘eye’ of the audience into your world; you want others to enjoy this experience and come back for more".  Simone Niles in 'Your YouTube Vids -Top Tips'.

1. Choose a song you love to sing as Simone suggests.  Nothing warms the heart or the smile more than a song you really enjoy.  That doesn't mean that you have loved it right from the start.  Remember sometimes what we don't love or appreciate when we start, grows on us.  Always give a song time to become YOURS.

2. Take a video of your choir.  As a choir member you will be able to see what your face looks like.  As a choir leader, you won't have to keep explaining.  

3.  Have fun while you work at learning music.  If when you are singing the songs, you can remember the FUN you had while learning it, especially if it was tricky, you will smile as you sing.  

Check  out the pictures of Perry Como as he sings.  What a SMILE!!  Then close your eyes and you know he is smiling.  Oh yeah.  Snow, what snow?

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