Sunday, February 1, 2015

Musical Monday - Stormy Weather - Singing & Dancing - It Takes Practice

We are in the middle of a winter storm with warnings about super cold, high winds and lots & lots of snow.  It has been suggested that people not drive unless absolutely necessary.  I think there is something up there in the clouds that says, "When Embro Thistle Singers are going to practise, send down the nasty weather!".

We had to cancel practice tonight.  So what am I doing with my time,  checking out fun music.  Look what I found.  This is a great way to spend some stormy time.  Said to be one of the best tap dances ever,  these dancers are truly amazing.  Just look at the size of the steps they leap with ease.  As our regular readers know, I am still taking tap dancing classes so I know that it would take great athleticism and hours of practice to achieve these heights.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.  With the Super Bowl on we see some of the best of the football athletes.  The hockey teams just had the All Star game and what a show it was.  One of our choir members said that the Ambassadors of Harmony we featured on Thoughtful Thursday practise at least 3 hours a week for a year to get to this finished product.

So on this snowy, stormy evening here in Southwestern Ontario, enjoy the results of hard work by the band and the dancers.  Smile with them.

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