Monday, February 23, 2015

Musical Monday - Random Music

   It is amazing to me that other people don't burst into song when they see a picture of a sun (Good Morning Mary Sunshine - my mother's wake up song each morning) or a rainbow (Somewhere Over) or a dog ( How Much is that Doggie in the Window).

One day my daughter & I were caught in a huge rainstorm.  We were drenched to the skin.  We decided to sing every song about rain we knew at the top of our voices as we sloshed home.  What fun.  We were just as wet when we got home but we howled with laughter all the time we stripped off our drowned wardrobe.  
So how can we share that joy or maybe, start it. 

1. Be conscious & think- See what is around you and think of a song that comes to mind.  For instance, when I have to find a place in the alphabet, I sing it.  I am not certain I can say it.  

2. If not out loud, think it - Yup.  Just what it says.

3. Enlist a pal - Have one of your pals who loves you no matter what be on the job with you.  Make it a competition to see who can think of the next song.  

4.  Sing anyway - There may be a few places and times when singing aloud won't be all right but you can think it hard in those cases.  

WHY? - 
       *This lightens your mood.  You can't be sad and sing something like "The Farmer in the Dell".
        *If you are thinking of songs, you aren't being critical of someone or something.  
        *You can make others smile with your ditties.
        *Because you CAN. 

Do it with kids, with grandparents with strangers.  Randomly burst into song and revel in the joy. 

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