Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - How Music is Important

I just attended an amazing event that recognized the achievements of the sales force during the past year, shared product knowledge & presented training in all areas & levels of the business.  It was a four day event in a large convention centre.  With static displays, interactive booths, & presentations going on before and after the main presentations, it was a busy & amazingly full time.
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What was common throughout the conference was that music was ever present.  I don't mean the "elevator" type of thing but meaningful, on purpose addition of great music.  There was live music with band & singers, recorded music and a soloist who sang about 5 numbers throughout.  Oh yummy!!

So why music?  Well, here are my ideas as to just HOW music is important.  Those of us trying to justify music education to a less than enthusiastic bunch of bureaucrats, maybe you can use some of these.

1. Music stimulates - while people are gathering upbeat and often popular music is played or performed.  The people are energized and ready to sit and learn.  What better way to get students ready for learning than to energize.  There is actually current research that says just this.  

2. Celebrations enhanced by music - Nothing makes you feel more excited than a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday".  Most weddings include songs that say just what the bride and groom mean to each other.  Funerals almost always include poignant musical selections sung and/or played to help the living grieve & remember the loved one in a special way.  At a recent retirement celebration, a marvellous soloist sang "You Raise Me Up" to the retiring executive who had spent his career supporting and building people to be the best they could be.  It was so fitting and nothing else could have said it better.   We have a wonderful outlet for emotions that is healthy and helpful.  

3. Music make us feel GOOD! - Don't tell me you haven't sung at the top of your lungs in the car, the shower or some secret place.  Of course you have.  We all do.  There are times when I have a solved a particularly tough problem and swing into "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" just because.  Hearing some songs just get our "mojo" going.  I can clean and organize up a storm with upbeat music.  It seems if I sing, I don't notice the time or the work.  So I miss a few dust particles.  Mama Mia was meant to be sung flipping the duster.  Music has the power to change us in ways we don't always understand.  It just does.

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