Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - Stompin' Tom & Canada Day Up Canada Way

Isn't it amazing that no matter what is being celebrated, music always plays a main part.  Canada Day is no exception.

In 1867 on July 1, our Fathers of Confederation signed the British North America Act creating Canada as a self-governing independent country.  The next year our Governor General proclaimed that July 1 be celebrated each year.  Our original Dominion Day became Canada Day 1982.

Every year there is a huge celebration in Ottawa (capital of Canada).  Of course, the centre piece is music representing the many cultures that make up our amazing country.  These celebrations help us to understand how diverse our country is no only in geography but in people.  We as a country encourage people to maintain the cultural diversity.

Someone who was unabashedly Canadian was the late Stompin' Tom Connors.  His songs were about Canada & Canadians and here he is at the Ottawa celebration in 1993.  His song has bits of Oh Canada & the Maple Leaf Forever a losing contender for our National Song.

Happy Canada Day to all who are Canadian no matter where you live now!!  Hurrah for CANADA!!

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