Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tonal Tuesday - Folk Songs Never Get Old

As this summer starts to wind down, we keep finding new roads to investigate.  I got a couple of folk song books in a box of books that friends were cleaning out.   It really awakened that love of the genre.  When I started teaching in the late '60's, folk music was popular.  I taught myself to play the guitar so my students would be encouraged to sing along.

There were hootenanny's or sing along time with folk music and of course rock had Woodstock.  My claim to fame was singing in our church choir alongside Sylvia Fricker who shortly thereafter, teamed up with Ian Tyson.  Folk music was sung in the coffee houses and around the campfire.  Did you participate?

What are your memories of folk music.  Here is a memory of Bob Dylan in his very early days.  There are some references to computers, and the cold war.  It is of course the American perspective.  Check out your old song books and records.  See what you think.  The jazzy ending is rather interesting.

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