Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun Friday - The Farmer is the Man an Industrial Ballad

Harvey dropped by the other day.  He mentioned the song, The Farmer is the Man.  I hadn't heard it but he sang the words and they made me think of the bumper sticker, "Farmers Feed Cities".  As you may know, the Embro Thistle Singers are based in a very rural area.  We will soon be singing at the Embro Fair which is a In today's technological society we still need our farmers to produce the food that feeds us.  Yes they are trying to create "test tube beef" but I doubt anyone will sing a song about it.  Are you writing one as I type?

Pete Seeger, has a way of presenting songs in their true form.  The Smithsonian Folkways created a set of songs about the American industrialization of the 19th century and The Farmer is the Man is included.  It is royalty free for anyone who wants to include it in a concert. 

Here again we see the importance of songs that share our history.  Last week we saw the rock equivalent with the Lovin' Spoonful.  Now, check out these words as you hear Pete Seeger sing. Think about those hard working farmers on your next drive through the countryside as the harvest begins.  The Farmer is the Man!

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