Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tonal Tuesdays - Check Yourself First

A few weeks ago,  we had the Cyber Conductor YouTube video for you to watch.  It really was the ultimate dream for control freaks.  Sometimes, I know I can be very opinionated (I bet you hadn't noticed.  Tee, hee!!)  And I think the excerpt below from the National Arts Council blog really puts things in perspective.  

"This morning I was sitting in a huge backstage rehearsal hall for the Canadian Conductors Workshop, in which five young conductors from across Canada come here to work with American conducting teacher Kenneth Kiesler.
They also get to practice their craft on none other than the National Arts Centre Orchestra. For three days in rehearsal, this is the orchestra these young conductors have, quite literally, at their fingertips.
At the workshop’s first session, one of the conductors, who had been leading the orchestra through the second movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, said he wasn’t getting out of the orchestra quite what he had in mind.
 “If there’s a problem on the outside, check yourself first,” Kenneth said."

I do believe that is right on for anything we do.  When we are critical of others, we need to check ourselves first.  The only person over whom we have control is our self.   So the question should be, "What can I fix about what I am doing or how I perceive things, to make the situation better?"  

Okay singers, you now have the ammunition.  Shoot!!

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That is so true!