Sunday, July 31, 2016

Musical Monday - Unsung Town Choir perform Hallelujah...

For the next few weeks, we are going to share a number of ideas to help choirs & singers be the best they can be.  Some ideas with be technical & others more practical based.  As we prepare to get back to our regular singing routines, some of these thoughts may be used as you get ready personally or to be used as a group.  I know I need to be reminded of some of the finer points so that we can be the best group of singers possible. 
Gareth Malone is my hero.  He has reached out to many groups who otherwise may never have had the opportunity or the inclination to sing in a choir.  He has shared his efforts with us on television and of course on YouTube.  
This is a group of people who although they enjoy music never saw themselves as singers.  Check out more about this group on YouTube when you click on the YouTube icon on the video below.  Look at the faces.  Wow!  This is what music can do!! 

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