Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tonal Tuesday - The Bagpipes and Paul McCartney

The Embro Thistle Singers spent a lovely morning at the Embro Highland Games (the longest continuously running games in Ontario) today.  As we mentioned before, we got to sing God Save the Queen and Oh Canada at the official opening ceremonies.

All day long there were pipe bands playing individually and en masse.  A piper played for each of the Highland dance competitions.  There were pipers and drummers in every corner practising and warming up.  For someone like me who has piping in her blood, it was absolutely yummy.

As I listened I wondered at the history of the bagpipes.  There are pictures of pipes as far back as 1581.  There are many types of bagpipes in many countries ranging from a simple bag with a chanter to the smaller Swedish pipes.

The Mudmen who are performing at the Embro Highland Games this evening, are a modern group bringing a new sound to the bagpipes for sure.  Paul McCartney used the pipes in "Mull of Kintyre".  Here is a young McCartney singing with Wings. 

You can find many modern pieces using the bagpipes to great effect.  What is your favourite?

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