Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tonal Tuesday - The Rest of the Story

How does your choir grow?  Choirs are all about singing and performing and for us being of service to the community and having fun with it all.  But it takes more than just choir practice to keep a choir going.

I know some choirs have boards of directors and other official members who run the choir's finances and fund raising and even book the venues etc.  We don't have anything so fancy.  We run by consensus.  I know that with many choirs that might not be the way that works best but for us it really makes it all come together.

But behind all of the music are many people who are integral to our Embro Thistle Singers' success.

1. Knox United Church allows us to practice every other week.  It is a beautiful church with lovely acoustics.  We are very lucky to have such a wonderful place to rehearse. . We really appreciate that generosity.

2. One of our fabulous altos, Kathy and her hubby do a lot of the care of the church building.  It was Kathy who suggested the church as our home base.  Thanks Kathy!

3. Every time we get an opportunity to raise some funds, the spouses and choir members bake wonderful goodies.  They bring them wherever we are and often volunteer to be at the table with us.  Then, the community members generously donate money for our goodies.  Without that kind of support, we just couldn't survive.  We sure appreciate it.

4.  Many community members invite us to sing at events during the year.  When we were brand new and an unknown quantity, we got to sing at the Knox United, Embro Fair, Cambrocourt, and Brooksdale Church.  We have enjoyed every place we have sung and are very grateful for each and every opportunity.

5.  Our practices are recorded every week and every Monday I get the completed recording in my mailbox.  It has been invaluable to be able to hear what we did and how we can make an even better sound.  We also have a practice CD with the best of the rehearsal songs so that the choir can practice on their own.  Thanks Damon.  These are great.

6.  Of course, the singers are the single most important part.  We are a non-auditioned choir.  If people want to learn to sing or all ready know, we want them.  Our members are amazingly dedicated to making music.  Elaine heads up the soprano & alto sectional rehearsals and really does a superb job.  Many singers bring in music to try, and suggest others I may not have thought of.  They really make a great effort each and every practice.  I couldn't have chosen a better group of singers.

7.  Kristy our accompanist is exceptional.  It takes a very special talent to truly be able to accompany and Kristy has it in spades.  We work as a team and it is such a treat.  The few times Kristy has been away, Carolin has always graciously stepped up to fill in.  Wow!  Are we blessed.

It takes a village as they say.  Indeed, Embro has been a great home base.  It takes much more than a song or two to create a choir and we couldn't be happier.  Thanks all.  Onward and upward.

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