Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Friday - Star Wars

Star Wars was (still is for many of us) a great series of movies.  Our son loved them and he had all sorts of Star Wars characters and toys.
When the RCMP Orchestra was coming to town, they advertised that they would be playing the the STAR WARS theme.  That was the key.  We went and what a great concert it was.

Enjoy this short video with Darth Vader conducting with a Light Sabre and the orchestra made of LEGOS.


Colleen said...

That's so funny you should have that video. Last week we went to a John Williams concert at the Royal Albert Hall. When they played Star Wars at the very end two people sitting just in front pulled out light sabres and started to conduct. Very funny. Even the actual conductor thought it was funny.

Embro Thistle Singers said...

Oh my gosh. What are the chances of that timing? Imagine even thinking to bring light sabres to a concert. That is too funny.