Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Singing at the Embro Fair

The community of Embro is such a super supportive group of people.  They have added to the arena and community centre and enlarged it quite a bit.  Luckily, even though the facility is so spiffy, they still want us to sing there.

On Friday evening, we were invited to be the entertainment for the Fair Ambassadors' Evening.  The Ambassadors past and present are amazing young people to be certain.  Mary Walton is this year's ambassador.  We sang Banks of Doon for the first time and had Heather and Leslie Galloway who played the violin obbligato for us.  

They did a fabulous job.  Our rendition of A Wee Deoch and Doris (last drink of the evening) was lots of fun.  We asked the audience to join in the chorus.  This turn of the century song is about that last "dram a'fore we gang a'wa".  The Scots being ever wise, had a test to see if you should have that last wee drink.  If you can say, "It's a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht, then it's a'right ye ken."  Have a listen to Harry Lauder on You Tube and enjoy the fun.

We have these pictures because my friends Mary and Chipper came all the way from Sarnia to hear us.  Chipper took pictures.  They are regular readers of this blog.  It was one of those marvellous surprises that are rare but such a gift. 

And do you wonder why our amazing accompanist has shorts on?  Well, we sang at 7:30 and finished just before 8 and Kristy was playing ball in Ingersoll (15 minutes away) about that time.  She literally jumped off the stage when we finished and booted it to her game (which they won).  We cheered her on as she raced away.  

The next day was the Talent Show.  Thankfully, we were last as Kristy's team was now in the championship round.  We practiced without accompaniment in a hockey change room and then went into the hall to find it half empty.  Barb looking stricken, said she thought perhaps we had missed it.  Well, no, they were having an intermission.  Apparently, they forgot to tell the crowd that because they never did come back.

However, we sang our California Dreamin' medley and acquitted ourselves very well.  Everyone got into the theme with Hawaiian shirts and leis and various summery gear.  Barb was dressed for the 60's and brought us fun smiley stickers to wear.  She even had her huarache sandals on.  

Yes, yes that is "moi" with flippers and snorkeling gear on.  And notice that Kristy is still in shorts.  Yup, she won her game and had to go back for the championship game at 5.  This time she just walked off the stage.  
Did you notice that we had a witch in our midst - literally.  Yes that is our Elaine.  She is the wicked witch in the Embro Thistle Theatre's musical, The Wizard of Oz and was promoting that.  Put on a fun hat and she is California Dreamin'.  Our singers are involved in so many activities.  Doug, is on the Fair Board, and Harold who is the Community Service Award Winner, was the parade marshal that morning.  

What an amazing group of people these Embro Thistle Singers are.  I am thrilled to be with them.  Next practice Sunday, September 23 Knox United Church, Embro 7 p.m.  Lots of new music to explore!!

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