Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - Snow on my Mind

Sad little Canadian Beaver -ME!
If you follow us on Twitter, you will see that we have not had a practice since before Christmas. On top of that I switched internet carriers.  Long story short, I messed up with my contact e-mail list and missed one of our members who faithfully showed up to a locked door and no one there in really nasty weather.

We have depended on our e-mail contact with everyone and now I realize that we have to have a backup system in place to make certain that never happens again.  So what kinds of systems can we have in place?

1. Facebook - If you have a Facebook page then it would be a good idea to get your members to check it before practices if they are able.  You can put bulletins there and maybe people will see that or a neighbour will be able to let them know.

2. Twitter - Again a bulletin can be written to advise any and all who have the Twitter feed pushed to their e-mail.

3. Telephone - I think we will institute a telephone tree where I phone one person and each person then calls another until all have been updated.  Although it is old school, it is a great backup.

4. E-mail - This is usually an effective method to reach all of our members.  However, one member has a work e-mail which rejects the e-mails regularly.  And of course, when changes happen, someone could be missed.

I really learned this time that we have to have a backup.  This Canadian winter is about to set records and so in the interests of safety, we had better make certain ALL our members are safe and sound.

 What do you do to make certain emergency messages get through in a timely fashion?

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Holly M said...

We do a phone tree and email since many of our members do not use twitter or Facebook, but each choir is different!

Thanks for including this in our Feb link-up -- our March link up is now on -- feel free to link up another of you posts and tell your choir friends about us.