Sunday, June 4, 2017

Musical Monday - The Scott Brothers - Hold On

I know we have friends or even our selves who will say that they aren't any good at doing something.  I will bet that these brothers who have made a career out of renovating, are stepping out of their comfort zone in making this video.  If you watch carefully, you will pick up a bit of shyness and a very gentle tone that truly suits this song.  
Bravo I say for showing that these macho seeming men can sing a powerful, gentle story.  We all have talents we perhaps have pushed down.  Don't just save those moments for when you are alone but share them.  Your courage will give courage to others.  
This weekend my tap dancing class of adults were in a dance recital.  Some had never danced before our classes this year but they enthusiastically took on the challenge of learning a dance and performing in public.  We had so much fun and we all felt that we had really rocked it.  
Fear can hold you back from some really exciting moments.  Decide what is the worst thing that can happen.  If you have never walked a tight-rope than attempting a Niagara Falls walk is not a good place to start.  That aside, try something you haven't done before.  Sign up for a dance class or a choir or take piano or flute lessons.  You may be surprised with just how much fun you are having.  What can be wrong with that?  Go do it!!

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