Sunday, October 9, 2016

Musical Monday - Pitch Slapped & Unique Presentation Ideas

The young people in this video are tremendously talented. List the things they are doing to make this a Capella piece unique.

1. The Introduction - pushing the "button" for the introduction gets your attention right away.  Why couldn't any of us do something similar?  
2. Black & white none-matching outfits.  They keep their individuality while remaining a group. 
3. Movement.  I am not a proponent of general movement when you sing but sometimes it helps focus on the meaning of the song. In this case, it helps to tell the story.  Used judiciously, it can be an integral part of the presentation.  Notice they limited the movement when the music had a serious turn.  It really focuses the attention where it belongs. 
4.  Enthusiasm.  Always bring that excitement with you as you sing.  When you enjoy your work, so will your audience.  Whether a serious or playful message, make sure you show your love of the music you are making.  Done & dusted. 

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