Sunday, September 18, 2016

Musical Monday - Make Words Meaningful with Different Presentations

Sometimes, when we sing songs we like but have sung over & over, using a different accompaniment, arrangement or tune can really make us & the audience sit up and take notice. 
1.  The Anthem Lights have taken a number of beautiful hymns and put them together as partners in a beautiful a Capella arrangement that really makes you listen in a new way.

2.  This next one uses a completely different tune for a well known hymn.  Does this get in the way of the beauty of the words or help you to hear them differently?  
We have to weigh the benefits of using something that is so unexpected to its ability to make the song(s) even more meaningful.  My only caveat is that we don't make changes just for change sake and that we consider our audiences and our purpose carefully.  For me, these two example work well and enhance the hymns.  Do you agree?

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