Sunday, August 14, 2016

Musical Monday - What is this Choir Thing About & Is It for Me?

Here are some words from Gareth Malone on thinking about singing in a choir.

"If you’re reading this, congratulations, as you have either already taken that first step and joined a choir or you are thinking about it. Singing is not only a lot of fun but also gives you confidence and is great exercise for your heart and lungs which in turn gets the brain working. Performing with others in a choir is a great way to start singing and singing at work with your colleagues has benefits too. It can improve communication and teamwork plus it’s a great stress-buster. Singing is good for you!"

1. Firstly, you must get the courage to show up for a choir.  Yes your voice is good enough if you really want to sing.  You won't know if it will work for you until you try.  Some choir require an audition.  That means you sing a song you know in front of at least the director so that your voice can be assessed.  I would suggest that if this is your first choir attempt, you may want to try a community choir that does not audition.  Ask about how practices work and whether you are expected to learn music on your own or if the skills are taught during rehearsals. Then, commit to coming out to 4 or 5 practices and then you can all decide whether it is a fit.

2. Be willing to learn.  Gareth Malone expects people in his choirs to do some work on their own.  I expect our choir members to keep singing.  We do recordings for extra practising.  Here is a link to Gareth's suggestions for working toward your singing best.

3. Keep the vision of yourself as a singer.  Use YouTube to find choirs you love to watch.  See yourself there.  It will give you the motivation to keep on because we all have our up and down times.
Check out this video of these young people.  Young boys with changing voices are often reticent to sing but I know from experience that once they find success in a supportive environment, they really enjoy themselves.  Watch the faces as they make some pretty impressive sounds.
Check out the choirs in your area.  Choose one or two that sound like they match your vision and go to practice.  If you aren't sure, just tell the leader you are not committing just yet.  Any director worth his/her salt will be happy to accommodate.  Most of all HAVE FUN!!

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