Sunday, February 7, 2016

Musical Monday - Celine Dion Surprises the Canadian Tenors and Sings Hallelujah With Them

I was so disappointed when the Canadian Tenors changed their name to The Tenors.  Apparently, they had a new distribution contract with an American company that year as well.  Perhaps, they felt they would be better received in the United States minus the "Canadian" name.  
Even the writer of our Canadian National Anthem, Calixa Lavallee, had to go to the States to make a living.  So many times our Canadian talent feel they must leave Canada to be a bigger star south of the border.  Maybe that is why we love Stompin' Tom Connors who was Canadian to the core and never felt the need to leave.  
Nevertheless, here we have 2 of our fine Canadian talents together making a rather lovely sound of another of our favourites to sing. 

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