Sunday, November 29, 2015

Musical Monday - My Fair Lady Triumph!

Our singers have been very busy with many gigs this fall.  We sang at the Mount Elgin Church's 155 year Anniversary today.  Wow!  The music was really an appropriate fit for the messages of the day and choir sang beautifully.  It is so worth the effort when the people tell you how much the music added to the service.  Yes!

A number of our singers have been busy outside of our Embro Thistle Singers being a part of the amazing My Fair Lady musical put on at the Embro Town Hall as a major fund raiser.  They had 88% of the hall sold in total.  Professional theatres would love to be able to have that happen.  However, as with any live production there are things that happen that test even the most seasoned.

One of the cast had a terrible case of laryngitis and another cast member did that part for 2 nights having to use the script.  He did a fantastic job.  Remember with small towns, there is little chance to have understudies.  Someone will step up and the show goes on.

Another cast member had a minor stroke while on stage.  The audience did not realize it as it was the place where he is carried off and away he went.  Thankfully, his doctors gave the okay for him to continue.  Now, that really puts "the show must go on" to the test.

I am sure there were costume glitches and lines dropped, lyrics forgotten and cues missed.  However, the show went on with great aplomb.  Wow.  What an terrific cast.

We are so proud of you all and most especially our amazing Harold, Kathy and Elaine who have worked so very hard at the rehearsals and the 6 performances the last of which is going on as I type.  Aren't we blessed to have such involved and talented people among us.  Well done all!!!

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