Sunday, November 22, 2015

Musical Monday - Joy To The World – Pentatonix

Last Thursday, our wonderful singers sang at the Lighting of the Lights in downtown Ingersoll.  It was windy and cold but those who weren't either attending or performing in My Fair Lady in Embro braved the evening.  We could barely see our music.  I had to stand on my music stand and my pages blew around so it was a good thing I know most of the songs.  The choir soldiered on even with children running wild and yelling as we sang.  
Now check out this video and see how lovely the sound is in this church where there is no one present to cough or unwrap candies to add to the sound.  The hard surfaces of the church give the marvellous harmonies a lovely acoustic.  
Next week we get to sing at Mount Elgin Church.  Although we may encounter coughs and candies. we will have light.  We won't however sound quite like this marvellous group.  

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