Sunday, August 9, 2015

Musical Monday - So Why Do We Have Choir Practice?

Some days, it seems a real effort to get up and go to choir practice.  Once I am there, I am so very glad I went.  I feel so much differently once I go home.  It would be easy sometimes to use family, or other activities or just being tired as excuses for not attending.  As the director, I really do need to show up so I have that extra impetus.  But there are many more reasons why I show up.  Do these ring any bells with you?

1.  The love of making music - Yup.  It is sometimes as simple as that.  I love to be involved in the making of music.  One of the frustrations for me is that I have vocal nodes and cannot sing as I once did.  Having this awesome group of singers with whom I get to hang out, fills that space and then some.

2.  Fun - The Embro Thistle Singers mantra is For the Love of  Song, Service & Fun.  Although we work hard at learning our music, we have fun doing it.  Sometimes our mistakes are hilarious.  I can't help it.  I just break down and belly laugh sometimes.  Sometimes, we really miss the mark when we try something.  Even so, we try to keep the feeling light.  The world will not collapse because the basses missed a chord or I directed the wrong dynamics.  Everything in perspective makes it easier to enjoy the process.  Is there any reason why we wouldn't enjoy learning?

3.  Learn - Each song brings new challenges and opportunities to learn about music, people and performing.  I am reminded of many things I learned in the past and new musical ideas and formats.  The learning is never ending and it is exciting.

4.  Camaraderie - There are people in our choir I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise.  Meeting and working with this varied group is a blessing that can never be measured.

What does your choir bring to you?

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