Sunday, August 16, 2015

Musical Monday - The Power of the Pencil

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I have a can of pencils some with fuzzy tops, some with little animals and some that are just plain pencils that sit on the piano.  Why?  Well, if you are a musician you should own as many pencils as a visual artist.

1.  Jot down what the director says even if you ARE the director - Now if you are human at all, you will forget what was discussed about the dynamics, phrasing or meaning of a part of a song.  And if you are the director and come up with a brilliant idea, you need to jot it on your music as well.  Take it from me.  The choir will remember and remind you if you don't.  You might as well look intelligent whenever possible.  We all have those times - you know what I mean.

2.  Use pencil NOT pen - The librarians of many choirs will do great physical damage to any who use pens.  Remember once that piece is handed in, your bass notes may go on to the next soprano.  Hence, pencil for removability.
There is also the chance that the director will change her mind and want that great idea changed to another one.  Erasers are always at the ready.

3.  Pencils = memory - If you write it down, there is a much better chance that you will actually remember it.  Really.

4.  It makes the director feel good - You can win brownie points when you say oh so sotto voce, "Oh that is a great idea.  I think I will jot that down."  Keep your director feeling like he is in control even when we know that isn't always true.

Haven pencil will learn.  Your markings will be yours.  Who knows, you may even invent a whole new way of representing dynamics.  Ready, set - write it down.

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