Sunday, June 21, 2015

Musical Monday - This is Why We Must Enunciate - Peter Kay on Misheard Lyrics

We all know that our singing is all about communication.  We sing words unless of course we are doing PDQ Bach but I digress.  I shared with you some time ago that for all my young life I thought that the words to Purple People Eater were, "He was a one eyed, one horned FIVE purple people eater."  Yes indeed.  He ate 5 purple people at a time.  Now that make perfect sense to me.  Well, we were doing 60's music for the Embro Fair one year and we decided to do this song for fun.  I got the lyrics from one of my very own books.  There were the real words "He was a one eyed, one horned FLYING purple people eater."  Much more vicious when he ate 5 at a time I think. 

Here Peter Kay brilliantly spoofs many songs where the words can be misconstrued.  Check out Michael Jackson's "your  burgers are the best" and Celine Dion with "the hot dogs go on".  There are a few that are a bit risque so adults listen first.  Peter Kay is from northern England and his accent is a bit strong.  Listen well.  

When your choir is garbling the words or not attacking or finishing well, pull this out and have a laugh.  Then, watch the diction improve.

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