Sunday, June 28, 2015

Musical Monday - The Last Practice of the Season

We just had an amazing last practice of the season at Elaine & Norm's place.  Our spouses/partners/friends came as well.  We did an hour of singing and then snacked on the fabulous goodies everyone brought while we visited and shared stories of the last year(s) and our plans for the summer.  We also kicked around some ideas for next year.

We are able to get to know the other important people in our singers' lives at these less formal events and they get to know us.  They are our best cheer leaders and often hear things we don't notice.  Thanks to our great support people.

I am certain there are choirs that carry on all year round but ours takes the summer off for two very good reasons.  Firstly, it is hot and clammy here in the summer and our venue is not air conditioned.  Secondly, many people travel or go to cottages and camping and so the ranks would be thin to say the least.
Actually, I think it is really good to have a break of some kind for a period of time.

1.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder - With a break, the idea of coming BACK to choir practices is enticing.  We also start with a pot luck so that makes it fun as well.  When you have some time away, you look forward to coming back and any of the negatives diminish with time.

2.  Different perspective - When you have a break, you can see the music, the people and your purpose from a different angle and get some great ideas.  Maybe that song was't so bad after all and will be even better in the fall.  Or perhaps, during the break you have spoken to some people who would love to have you perform.  If you keep doing the same thing without a break, you may get a bit jaded.

3.  Refill and rejuvenate - I know that I enjoy the time to research and learn new music.  I listen to lots of music of all different types.  Some ends of being on our agenda and some will never be.  I do things I want to do or need to do without the restriction of being back in time for choir.  I know many of our members do the same.  It is imperative that we keep learning and growing and being the best we can be.

4.  Change is as good as a rest - Yup, my mum said that a lot.  We seldom stop doing things but doing something different is like having a rest.  You don't want to get stuck in a rut for sure.  To do something you have always wanted to do means you have to have the time available.

The two months until our next practice will fly by I am sure.  I will be fresher and eager to start again.  Let's hear it for summer break!

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