Sunday, December 14, 2014

Musical Monday - The Legend of Harvey

Our choir, the Embro Thistle Singers, would not exist if it were not for a dream that came to fruition through our very own Harvey.  There he is on the far right. No YOUR right.

It was a day in 2010 that Harvey came to me with this idea for a choir and asked if I would consider being the choir director.  Oh yeah, count me in!  He had asked a number of people to come to an inaugural practice.  We had 16 at our very first practice.  Amazing.  

As I had no idea of exactly who would come nor what skills they might bring we sang a number of songs in unison.  Well, it was immediately evident that we had some proficient singers.  Harvey is really good at getting people to do things. 

Knox United Church has given us space to practise for almost 5 years.  We started in the basement and have moved into the church.  We are very lucky to have such a lovely practice facility.  Harvey asked Kathy if she could make it happen.  She did.  

The first accompanist Harvey asked was Ann.  During the first weeks of our inception, she was taken ill and had to have surgery.  Kristy came to us ostensibly as a fill in.  Ann decided that adding ETS to her roster was just too much and Kristy agreed to stay.  

We have had number of people come and go as the years have gone on.  Some found that their schedules were busier than they liked.  Others just found other things to do or had enjoyed what they had done and were ready for a change. Of course, we were terribly sad to lose Damon unexpectedly last year.  Losing a treasured member really makes us be more mindful of just how special each person truly is.  

We have learned many pieces that if asked in those beginning months, we might have thought impossible to do.  We have grown immensely in experience, skill and repertoire.  None of these would have been possible without Harvey's dream and the footwork that it took to get us together.  Once we got started, not even snow storms, extreme cold or major thunderstorms could stop us!

Harvey is a legend in his own time.  Do you have a legend in your group who was a key founding member or is part of the glue that keeps things going.  Share with us.  Maybe your "Harvey" will appreciate knowing just what an important role he/she plays! 

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