Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cambrocourt Rocks AGAIN

We had a fabulous evening last night at what has become our annual invitation to Cambrocourt Manor in Embro.  We are the entertainment after what seemed to be a sumptuous meal.

Poor Kristy had a work emergency so was a bit later getting on the road.  The Embro Thistle Singers rose to the occasion and we did our warm up a Capella.  After having done the Lighting of the Lights a Capella due to the weather, we were on a role.

Kristy made it and set up the keyboard and bless her heart sat right down and away we went.

It was last year that we were asked to learn Mary Did You Know and so it was one of our songs.  We still have more work to get it refined but it wasn't bad.
However, Calypso Carol, and Angels Among Us were stellar.  Now, we have to put Baby It's Cold Outside in a whole new category.  At the last practice, we slowed it down and suddenly, the words became more a focus.  Last night, the choir relaxed into the song and sang it back and forth to one another and really had fun.  Tops indeed!!

Thanks again to our friends at Cambrocourt for their wonderful support.  We have been asked to do Mary's Boy Child for next year so we will take on the challenge.

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