Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - Happiness Is ---

Charlie Brown is an everyday hero who represents us all at one time or another.  When you listen to the words of the song you notice that Happiness Is all those things that are easily taken for granted.  

Happiness is all around us.  Here is my choir happiness list.
1. New Formation - We practised in a single line semi-circle last practice and the sound was wonderful.  A few of the choir mentioned that they enjoyed it as they could hear other parts better.  Yes!

2. New Song - We sang a Calypso Carol by Michael Perry new to most of the singers.  They really enjoyed it and sang oh so well.  We sang No Tears in Heaven as well which was a great contrast.  Then we ended practice with Peace, Peace a partner song with Silent Night.  Oh boy.  My heart was just so full.

3.  New Singer - We added a tenor & he fits right in.  He loves to sing & is lots of fun.  Our tenors are back up to strength.  The balance was oh so yummy. Hallelujah. 

4. Excitement, fun & singing - We were excited about using our songs from the past & adding the new ones.  Laughter reigned as we made our way through Baby It's Cold Outside ending.  When the bumps were ironed out (mostly), it was so good.  

Yes, happiness is choir & all its component parts.  Thanks ETS.  You are simply wonderful.  What is your happiness?

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