Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Beginning - Pot Luck and Then Some

Thank you wonderful choir members and your "groupies".  That is the preferred term isn't it Sharon?  We had amazing salads of all sorts with Paul's tuna creation (not to mention his Black Forest layered dessert), Kay's amazing Caesar salad, Marcie's quinoa, Bob's zucchini and cucumber dishes, John & Ann's cupcakes with the music motif and Sharon's apple crisp with ice cream.  Of course, we can't forget Elaine's bean salad and corn chips.  Oh my!!

We had a great privilege tonight in getting to sing through Karen Boyce's arrangement of Sting's "Fields of Gold".
Remember when I wrote the blog about Social Media and Promoting Your Choir?  Well here is something that you can't put a price on.  Karen and I have been chatting on Twitter & Facebook as she and I both write a blog.  She is an accompanist for the Hutt Valley Singers and the Major Minors  in New Zealand and now has written this wonderful arrangement which she has graciously shared with the Embro Thistle Singers.  My choir was opining that perhaps we should be thinking about doing an exchange trip.  From small ideas come some really rather grand plans.  Who knows?

Thank you Karen for your trust in us.  We loved singing the new piece and hope to add it to our repertoire.

Good food, good exchange and great music.  It just doesn't get better.

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