Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - Is Music Really That Important? Oh You Bet.

Ha ha! True! Sometimes I find myself jiving through the grocery store.  I get surprised to see funny looks on the faces of those who just push buggies.  I realize that I am grooving to the music in the store.  Although sometimes when I stop, I realize that there is no other music than that which is in my own head.  Ever had that experience?

Apparently I don't have the problem with background music that others seems to have.

1. Music & Development - Many of us know that life goes along much better when we sing to our kids.  Never does someone say something that I don't hear a lyric and I am off and singing.  Most often that trigger just sets me up to create my own song about whatever it is that we are doing at the time.  "Here we go gathering cereal, carrots & onions and other good things.  Here we go gathering bread & buns so early in the morning!"
It has been proven scientifically that babies and young children who listen to music create synapses or pathways in the brain that help with spacial & reasoning abilities.
The complexity of the music is what helps with the growth.  Babies are also soothed by the rhythm & tone of songs when upset or tired.  Brilliant.

2. Music & Learning - Studies have shown that when someone is working with the right side of the brain with artistic endeavors, listening to music shuts off the left side or rational part that will tell you that the line isn't straight or that colour doesn't work.
Studies have also shown that music helps those with learning disorders to distinguish speech from noise by strengthening the neuro-pathways.
In essence, music primes the brain to better perform all tasks.  Cool!

3. Music & Enjoyment - Well now we are getting into a more subjective area.  There are numerous studies to show that the consistent beat will calm or excite a person, plant or animal.  There are studies to show that cows who listen to country music produce more and better milk.  No kidding.
Listening to music stimulates blood flow to the brain.  It can give us the same type of euphoric feeling as drugs or great food (with far fewer calories or side effects).
Too many times, people will dismiss a genre of music after hearing it but a few times.  Like food, music must be tried an average of 10 times to be appreciated.  When I taught in the classroom, we threw out the word, "like" and only used "appreciate".  We would only use the word "like" if we were about to purchase music. This left the students unable to dismiss a piece of music because of arbitrary rules.  Not only that, it made ME listen more appreciatively and I opened up to more styles of music.  To this day, there is no music I dislike but some that I appreciate more than others.

So open your ears and turn off your brain to LISTEN to the music.  Grow those synapses and become the creative amazing person on the outside you know has always been hiding on the inside.

Listen to the music!!

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