Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tonal Tuesday - Words that Taste Good

I have an affinity for delicious words.  For instance, onomatopoeia.  Onomatopoeia (pronounced on-o-mat-o-pay-a) happens when a word sounds like the thing it represents.  Animal sounds like oink, meow and cluck are onomatopoeic.  We sang A Place in the Choir and the harmony parts were the sounds the animals make like buzz, chirp, quack, croak.  It was great fun because the words were so different from the usual.

Sometimes, it is the sound of the words and not their actual meaning that creates the interest in the music.  In this piece of music, this group creates sounds that make you realize exactly what mode of transportation they are singing about.  What a great job they do.  Close your eyes and see it.

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