Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cambrocourt Beats the Weather Again

These guys can't beat the cute hat our Elaine had on. 
We sang, It's Snowing, Let It Snow and Marshmallow World and yet it didn't snow. One of our tenors, Gary was still on the highway in the Strathroy area dealing with the snow on our behalf.

We had a great time singing with our friends at Cambrocourt in Embro.  A couple of years ago, we sang When a Child Is Born for the first time and tonight we sang the much more polished rendition. However, we didn't disappoint our friends as we sang Any Dream Will Do for the first time publicly. They told us they would ask us back again so that we could show off a polished version.

Our Cambrocourt evening always includes songs we sing together.  What a great sound we all make.  We haven't yet talked any of them into joining us on a regular basis but we will keep trying.

Thanks again Lynne for your support and we sure appreciate being with all of you.

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