Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tonal Tuesday - Making the Words Sound Right Like Steve Martin

All of us have had times when we have listened to something and wondered what they had said or sung.  If we didn't need the words to tell the story then we would simply hum.  Sometimes, we can get so enthralled with the sounds, we can skimp on taking care to make the words clear.  Sort of like this little piece.  Steve Martin is learning to speak "American" so he won't sound out of place.
How does he do?
Of course, he fails miserably because it is much funnier that way.  Pink Panther movies were never meant to be serious - I think.

If we want to be able to do better than Mr. Martin then we need to be constantly aware that:
1. We sing on the vowels.  We know that but do we do it?  The main part of the sound must ride on the vowel sound.  Check out the information in this article link.  
Basic tips are that -  we must have a big space inside our mouths.
                               - sung vowels are different than spoken
                               - singing well should feel easy and comfortable.  If not, re-evaluate.

2. We create meaning with the consonants. They begin and end each word but all the sound must be on the vowel.  For those of you who want more detail, click this link.  Each consonant has a special placement in the mouth.
The consonants must be crisp and clean, short and sweet, and get them out of the way for the vowel sounds and finish the vowel with a decisive, clear finishing consonant.

To make it happen in a performance you must be vigilant in practice.  Here recordings are invaluable for us.  What are some of your hints for great sounds with meaning?  Click Comment below and tell us.

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