Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tonal Tuesday - How Old or Young Should Your Choir Members Be?

I was once asked when being considered for the leadership of a choir a number of years ago, just what I would do with aging singers.  I was stumped and stunned to be asked that question.  All I could say was that I would work with them as I would any singers.

Is there an age cut off for singers?  Maybe if you have a certain mandate for a choir you would have specific ages but I couldn't work with that.  I would never be able to tell anyone you are too old or too young to be in a our group.  Besides, I enjoy the people so much I am sad when they leave.  It was always hard as a school teacher that the young people had to move on.  So when I have the choice, I don't want anyone to HAVE to leave especially for something as arbitrary as age.

If you read a previous blog you would know that singing in a choir increases your health both mental and physical regardless of your age.

Well there have been studies on the effects of singing in choirs and aging and they have found  clear differences in the health of seniors involved in the arts programs and those in the control groups. The intervention group, for example, reported an average of 30 fewer visits to the doctor as well as fewer eyesight problems, less incidence of depression, less need for medication, and fewer falls and other injuries.

I really don't care what age anyone is.  If they want to sing and are willing to show up and work as best they can, I want them.

The choir above is again one of Gareth Malone's community efforts.  What they lack in perfection they make up for in enthusiasm.  They are all ages and stages.  Check out the smiles on the singers and audience.  What could be wrong with that?

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