Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tonal Tuesday - More 5 Minutes to Improve Your Singing

Now that you have tried the 5 steps outline in last Tuesday's blog post, you can add these fun activities to get even more control over how you sing.

Remember, it doesn't matter if you are singing along with grand-babies or performing in a rock concert, all of these suggestions will make a difference.

6. Sing Up and Down the Scales - I personally NEVER enjoyed singing through the scales.  Doh, re, mi, fah, soh, lah, ti, doh all in different keys.  There are many great warm-up exercises that we choir directors can use to help focus the sound and the vocal instrument.
When you are singing, try to choose a simple song to warm up your voice.  If so inclined, do sing scales or sing Doh a Deer from the Sound of Music.  Remember, tuck the chin while keeping the mid-section open.  And---

7. Eat and Drink Well - There are exceptions to every rule.  However, for the most part you need to eat and drink like an athlete.  Singing does take a lot of energy so eating a properly balanced diet is a forgone conclusion.  Milk (anything made with milk too) , sometimes caffeine, can cause you to develop mucus - YUCKY - and that coats the vocal folds and makes it hard to sing clearly.
Smoking and alcohol are just out.  Period.  Find out what YOU can tolerate and still make a good and comfortable sound.

8. Listen to Your Kind of Music - Listen and sing along with the music YOU like best.  Whatever the style, enjoy.  Sure, go ahead, do a wee jig.  Just have fun!!

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