Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tonal Tuesday - 5 Minutes to Improving Your Singing

It is the Christmas season and we are all busy.  The one thing that binds it all together is that we are surrounded by music.  We sing along and hum our way to the New Year.  I suggest that while we are doing that singing, we work on a few ideas to improve our singing voices.  Ready Set - Sing.
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  1. Voices are instruments.  To play well, you practice.  To sing well, you practise.  Sing along with Bing (Crosby that is) or whomever else you really enjoy.  If the range (high or low) feels uncomfortable, sing only the notes that are comfortable to sing.  Forcing your voice can cause damage.  Sing what you enjoy and when it makes you smile, you have the right thing. 
  2. Tuck your chin.  While you are singing, especially when you get to the "glorias" and want to belt it out, stand or sit as tall as possible.  For instance, if you are cooking, you will be bending and moving not unlike an opera singer on stage.  Just remember to keep your mid-section open not scrunched up.  Also, as the notes get higher - you too guys - tuck your chin closer to your chest and raise your eyebrows.  Try it both ways while refilling the window washer on the car and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much easier the singing is.  So stand tall, tuck your chin slightly and look surprised.  Voila.  
  3. Belly breathing. Now that you have the above mastered, try really hard not to lift your chest when you breathe.  Go ahead take a deep breath right now.  If you made a sound while taking in air and moved your shoulders, you are breathing very shallowly.  Now, put your fingers just above your waist, under your ribs and while you breathe, push them out.  Let me see you do it.  Good.
  4. Drop your shoulders.  You have found your DIAPHRAGM or the muscle that pulls down the lungs and gives you more room for air.  All good athletes know how to breathe from the diaphragm and you should too.  So now when taking a breath, try not to raise your shoulders but instead push out your belly.  That will give you more air to support your singing and will make it easier to hit the notes you want. 
So, practice by singing what you enjoy, breathe, stand or sit as tall as you can, tuck your chin. and looked a bit surprised.  You won't remember all that all the time.  The most important rule, have fun!! 


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