Thursday, November 22, 2012

Off to Feed the Wizard

Embro Thistle Singers are always looking for opportunities to help and to make a wee bit of money to buy more music.  The Embro Thistle Theatre asked us to provide the snacks for the preview evening.  Our choir  can really bake up a storm when asked.  We had brownies, cookies, gingerbread, squares, Dutch pound cake (Attie it was gone first!) and so much more.

Glen and John came to help and they were awesome.  We made the coffee and set out the goodies and then had to wait until the interval for the people to come.  As we waited, we watched the munchkins come through, Doug in a really cool green suit and tiny green top hat perched on his head, our Elaine as a the wicked witch as well as the nasty Miss Gulch and other assorted characters and backstage people traipse through from one entrance to the other.
Still of Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz
Elaine was a much nastier looking witch.  Oh yeah.

The only major problem seemed to be that the Tin Man's hat had been taken home for fixing and hadn't come back.  They had a spare funnel which they used.  Apparently the person responsible for the hat, was in the audience and realized the problem when the Tin Man came onto the stage and immediately left her seat to go home and get the hat.

We had many generous people who filled our tins with change and bills and we really appreciate their generosity.  John was the master of the tongs for getting people's goodies.  Glen and I used napkins and got quite adept and not squashing the cake and brownies.  We left goodies for the children in the cast to have after the performance.  They had come in looking longingly at the yummy goodies and we promised to save some for them.  We hope they enjoyed their treats after a grand performance.

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