Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tonal Tuesday - The Best Practice

It is hard to believe that summer is quickly coming to a close.  Nothing says that more than the resumption of regular activities after a summer lay off.

Our Embro Thistle Singers has started the last 2 years by having a pot luck at our place and then a practice.  Now ordinarily I would not recommend eating a full meal and then singing.  I definitely would not recommend that for a performance but a practice is a little different.

Our choir is amazing at bringing a real spread.  We had meat balls, 7 layer salad, cheese dip (to die for) and a Caesar salad made just before we ate.  We had goulash and chili, sliced meat and green salads.  We won't even mention the cake and cookies and squares.  Oh my.

While I was getting some things organized in the kitchen, the choir moved into the living room and began to sing as our amazing Kristy played.  They started with For the Beauty of the Earth by John Rutter just because they really like it.  they stood about in mixed parts and simply sang.  What a treat.  We went over our music for the Embro Ambassador Evening.  A Wee Deoch and Doris is a fun Scottish pub song we are going to use as a sing along so we played with that too.

When we finally got to California Dreamin', the choir was really rocking.  They have never sung it so well.

All in all I recommend that you have some social time with your choir.  You will find that they are not only great singers but fun people to be with.  Last Sunday we even christened 2 new sopranos.  Talk about being thrown into the deep end.  They swam very well.

What social events have you had with your choir?

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Colleen said...

It looks like you guys had some fun. Awesome!