Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun Friday - Words as WE Hear Them

You remember when we were learning Purple People Eater for the Embro Fair last year, I was surprised to find out that the words I had sung forever, "---one eyed, one horned FIVE Purple People Eater" was actually a "flyin' Purple People Eater".  My sister said the Lord's Prayer with "Hallowe'en" Thy name instead of "Hallowed be" Thy name.  What words did you mistake?

Here is a fabulous take on  Oh Fortuna from  Orff's cantata, Carmina Burana and the words some people hear as listening.  Check this out and have a laugh or two.  The cartoons are funny as well.  Oh by the way, when I was taking a course at University of Toronto on teaching listening skills in music, our professor called this the "tuna" song.  Hmmm.


Colleen said...

You're kidding?!!! I always sand "flyin" Purple People Eater. How come I knew that and yet you taught me the song? I of course did the "Little Two Scoop" instead of Little Deuce Coupe that the Beach Boys sang. I thought it was a song about ice cream and that "four on the floor" meant that you dropped two two scoops. Dad was so disappointed when he found that out.

Embro Thistle Singers said...

That is just too funny. It does make the music that much more fun isn't it.
You were always a very astute and knew that "five" was just not right and probably heard the correct word in the song. The Little Two Scoop is just a hoot.