Sunday, July 1, 2012

ETS at the Highland Games in Embro July 1

One thing I know for sure is that our choir excels at making great music and baking!!  We had baking galore and coffee available for people for a donation.  We even gave some to people just because.

It was a hot day for sure but the breeze helped us survive.  Check out my cute hat below - not.  Harold opened up the theatre so we could make coffee, set up tables and have electricity for our compilation CD that Damon made.  Glen, Kay and Attie stayed most of the day and chatted with those they knew and each other.  It made the time go by quickly.
So here we are looking oh so cute in with the fire fighters beside us cooking hot dogs.  I still smell like a hot dog.  They tasted so good I don't mind. Kay's signs were a great addition.

We had the dessert that people came and got after they had  lunch.  We also met a lady who misses singing and would like to join us in September.  The whole day was about sweet things.  Cool.

It was a great day.  There were many hundreds of people at the Community Centre for the Highland Games.  We saw a small portion of those but they were very generous and supportive.  We really appreciate that.

I will download a couple of the songs Damon as recorded at our practices.  One of these days we will do an on purpose recording without my counting or giving instructions in the background.  Stay tuned.

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