Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tonal Tuesdays - Why Working Together Matters

Last week our daughter, Colleen, sent me a link to an article from the BBC.  The article suggests that children who participate in muscial group activities learn empathy and understanding.  Because you must think of others while working together, you become more aware of others and their needs.

When my sister lived in Guyana, in South America she began one of the first choirs in her town.  Guyana had been under dictatorship for 25 years previous to the time she and her family had come.  These people were very distrustful of others.  They were not allowed to meet together in groups larger than 2 people or they were denied bread.  As you know, you must work together to create a choir sound.  Learning to trust and listen was a very big stretch for people who had learned to survive by not co-operating.  It was very exciting to watch these wonderful people learn to trust and work together and create a marvellously harmonious sound.  Music helped people to work together once again.

During my teaching career, one of the most rewarding activities was mounting musicals.  The cast would come from all grade levels, age groups and talent abilities.  They learned to work as a unit and create an amazing experience for their audiences.  The team spirit that seeped throughout the school was amazing.  Because this wasn't a competition or a game, it only became successful if they all worked in harmony to make it happen.  The people who didn't want to be on stage worked back stage.  The teachers took on many roles but in all ways were supportive.

Music is a marvellous way for very diverse individuals to come together to create something they love.  Music is the reason and the result.  I have met and worked with more people through music than I ever would have met otherwise.  It matters because people matter.  Music brings us together and keeps us together as we create what we love.  What have your experiences been?


Colleen said...

Yay, you used the article. I think governments need to take these sorts of studies more seriously before thinking of cutting down music programs.

Embro Thistle Singers said...

I couldn't agree more. What we learn about co-operation and caring as we experience musical groups is underscored by these studies. Hallelujah!!