Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tonal Tuesdays - Passion and Then Some

This week I have been thinking about PASSION.  Not the breathless kind of the "B" movie fame but the kind it takes to pursue your art in our case. singing.

We may think that the lady in the opera with the difficult aria to sing is the one showing passion but really you are showing passion when you show up ready to learn and give of yourself.

There are times when you would rather not come to rehearsal or indeed even a performance but you do.  Perhaps you don't think of it as such but it is PASSION.  There are those who really want to sing and have many skills to learn and it is that passion for the music that drives you forward.  You have to want to more than not to show up and work at making that music wonderful.  Sometimes, the director may make decisions you aren't keen on but your love of music in general moves you past that.  The Voice Council Magazine has many articles mainly about professional singers but this one I think pertains to anyone.  In fact, you can extrapolate (don't you love that word?) and apply these tenets to any skill worthwhile to you.

"In creativity, self care means identifying and overcoming those personal barriers which prevent you from expressing yourself fully...These barriers may be emotional, behavioral, social, situational, existential, spiritual, or a combination of them all. Consider Self Care as a muse to your creative process. How are you treating your precious muse'?  Susan Raeburn, PhD in 'Care Enough to Create'

What do you think?

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